Sognefjellet is a mountain pass – the highest in Northern Europe – between Sognefjorden and Lom, in Norway. You can use the Tourist Route 55 and indulge in wild towering mountains of Jutunheimen Nasjonallpark and open views, where you basically go from sea level to the roof of Norway in 30 minutes driving.

Along the road there are several places that you may stop and enjoy the view while eat or drink something you brought with you. You can also go for a walk, since the terrain around is of easy access.

We think Sogn of Fjordane is one of the most beautiful ‘fylke’ in Norway, due to its dramatic nature and adventurous narrow roads.



And this is one of our favorite views, also very iconic, rock like claws formation.


This region is full of glaciers, lakes and pools which are uncovered during the summer, so we can study their features. These shots were all taken during mid/late Summer, some years ago.


Above, Fenaråken Glacier, from distance.





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