One of the world’s most beautiful ferry trips: From Sylte to Geiranger in Norway

It has been quiet here at the blog/gallery the past days… That’s because we have been traveling through the fantastic parts of southern Spain. Meanwhile we sort through the new pictures, we leave you with some older shots we took from Geirangerfjorden, Unesco World Heritage site some years ago.

The ferry starts at Sylte and goes through Sunnylvsfjorden before it takes off to Geirangerfjorden. This is one of the most scenic routes in Norway, due to its natural beauty of blue-green waters, steep mountains and many waterfalls.


Above, the village of Geiranger and the fjord on the background. Bellow, a curious mountain, which has part of its side naturally carved as a face.


We recommend to take this trip either early in the summer due to snow melting in the mountains, or after some rain showers to catch all the gorgeous waterfalls along the fjords.


Above one of the many waterfalls you spot on the journey and bellow the famous “Seven Sisters“.



Above, a glimpse of the Seven Sisters, from the distance. These images were taken during mid-summer.


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