Museu Nacional de cèramica i de les arts sumptuàries, Valencia, Spain

The National Museum of Ceramic and Decorative Arts is Valencia’s wonderland of luxurious, fantastical and rare old objects. You feel in awe when you walk towards the building and see the walls made of different colored stone, plaster and metal.


The building is originally from the XV century, but the style we see today is due to a reform in the XVII century which fashioned it in the Rococo style. There are sculptures and reliefs of creatures, humans, satyrs, chimeras and nymphs, and a strange coat of arms which receives the visitors with “open arms”, looking more like some kind of scarecrow. Wherever you go inside or outside the building, there will be plenty of faces staring at you.



On the ground floor you can admire the craftsmanship of eccentric carriages, and as you head for the first floor you are greeted by beautiful statues, vases, a chandelier and a heavily ornamented interior.



In fact, each section of this building is so richly decorated that you may take your time to pay attention to all the small and hidden details. Each environment has its own style, set of colors, unique chandeliers, paintings on the ceilings and different collections of objects, furniture and wall paintings, most from the XVIII and XIX centuries.

Many of the doors, as well as the walls and ceilings, also have their own faces.



For anyone who loves the arts, each new room will make you feel a lustful torpor of indulgence. You may never want to leave this place. You may become one of the hundreds if not thousands of faces in that world.


When you head to the second floor, you break out of the wonderland into a less impressive but still interesting place. It is here that they keep the ceramic collections. Apart from a few items of interest, most of the ceramic objects are visually dull, despite their historical value. This particular item, an infant with dark circles around his eyes and a sad countenance, is an exception.


We hope you have enjoyed the post and images! 🙂
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