Itaipu Dam, Parana River, Paraguay/Brazil (Barragem de Itaipu, Rio Paraná, Paraguay/Brasil)

The Itaipu Dam is located on the Parana River on the border between Paraguay and Brazil, and its a joint venture between those two countries. The dam is 196 meters high and 7919 meters long, and has an installed capacity of 14 GW, with a record producing year in 2016 with staggering 103 TWh (103 098 366 MWh), witch even surpasses the Chinese Three Gorges Dam in annual energy production.

We visited the dam on a rainy October day in 2005.

0 005

Under each of the 20 white penstocks there is a 700 MW producing turbine swallowing 700 m³ (700 000 liters) of water each second. As for comparison, the Iguazu Falls (later blog post) will only be able to feed two of these generators.

0 037

Under these red round metal plates resides the generators.

0 070

A glimpse of the Central Control Room.

0 065

On top of the dam, a view to both sides and over the reservoir.

0 027

0 026

0 023

Have you been to the Itaipu Dam, and were you impressed by the scale? What else did you see or do when you where there?


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