Nikon/Nikkor wish list

Everybody likes to look into the crystal ball from time to time. Sometimes we like to predict what is coming, other times what WE like to be coming. Here is what I would like to be released from Nikon regards camera, and Nikkor regards lenses

Nikon DSLR

– Complete redesign of menus to keep up with time (read; smartphones)
– Basic, or even full control wireless via phone or tablet
– Save to memory card (also) while shooting tethered or wireless to a laptop
– Touch screens on all coming cameras
– Chargers to accept charging via USB too

I’m actually satisfied with today’s lineup of cameras, not sure I want more pixels before we get a new lineup of lenses as hardly any of today’s Nikkor lenses justifies the 24 Mpx sensors.

When it comes to FX, I think they have an awesome lineup even there, but one might miss the baby D5 (as D700 was the baby D3). A baby D5 with its sensor and autofocus capability would be an instant hit and suitable replacement of the D750? And maybe a D5x with a redesigned 36 Mpx sensor.

Nikon Nikkor lenses

Their DX-line is way overdue for a full redesign! Everything from wide angle to tele is missing to be adequate with todays high resolution DX-camera.

Would like to have a fast wide angle zoom in a 8-20 f/2.8 VR.

Further a new 17-55 f/2.8 VR to replace the ancient one.

A 55-150 f/2.8 VR would be awesome and is now totally missing.

In addition a complete line of f/4 zooms, like a 8-20 f/4 VR including a 16-80 f/4 VR and a 70-200 f/4 VR, would be attractive to those who don’t want or need a f/2.8 zoom, or would like to save some weight

Their FX-lineup is much more complete without many holes.
One might want a redesign of the legendary 14-24 f/2.8 to incorporate VR and upgrade to E-design.
Apart from that, I feel the f/2.8 and f/4 line to be pretty good, maybe due to redesign the f/4 line soon though (especially the 24-120).

As you may see, I don’t prey for any primes to be made or upgraded as I don’t use them much. Tell, what are your wishes for Nikkor lenses that Nikon either don’t have today or you would like to be upgraded?


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