Apart from your passport and credit card, the chargers are probably the most important thing you bring on your travels. In this modern time with everything is running on battery, being able to charge is essential. We basically has two options, either in the car or the bus/train (if you are lucky), or in the place you are staying for the night. Most people will rely on the latter I guess, and that may bring a challenge in itself.  For us, we bring a laptop, a tablet, two telephones, rechargeable speaker and two to three cameras that sometimes all need to be charged for the next day.

Your accommodation, being it a hotel room or a cabin, may not have enough sockets for all these chargers and then you need to prioritize witch should be charged first, with the chance of some being forgotten. We’ve always made a habit of putting something on charge immediately when we arrive at the place we are staying for the night, before going out exploring the area or find something to eat. Some places may have plenty of sockets, but again some may just have a couple available, making it more challenging. We mostly just bring two USB chargers, but one of them is a universal travel charger with four outputs (with exchangeable adapter for over 100 countries), which means it only occupies one wall socket while charging four “gadgets” via USB (make sure you bring enough cables). The second one is just a small spare one just in case.


In the beginning I mentioned car/bus/train, and it’s an opportunity that shouldn’t be overlooked too. If we use our own car, a rental car or a bus/train, we bring a 12V cigarette lighter type charger with two outputs. One is normally occupied with the GPS unit, but the other is available for something like topping off our phones.


On a last note I would wish that even more thing could be charged via USB, like the laptop and camera batteries too, although I’ve found a Duracell USB charger for the Nikon EN-EL 15 batteries.


Happy travels!


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