Erosiones de Bolnuevo, Bolnuevo – Spain

This eroded sandstone formations has many names like “Gredas de Bolnuevo” and also “Ciudad Encantada” besides the official “Erosiones de Bolnuevo” and sits at the end of the 1600 meters long Playa de Bolnuevo (Bolnuevo  Beach) in Bolnuevo, Murcia, Spain. The beach reaches all the way to the neighbor village of Puerto de Mazarrón to the east.

The sandstone formation has been eroded by water and wind for thousands of years and in the clay there is an abundance of micro fossils dating back to the Pliocene period 4.5 million years ago.

Erosiones de Bolnuevo-Murcia-Spain-00137

Erosiones de Bolnuevo-Murcia-Spain-00138

Erosiones de Bolnuevo-Murcia-Spain-00140

Erosiones de Bolnuevo-Murcia-Spain-00141

Erosiones de Bolnuevo-Murcia-Spain-00142

Erosiones de Bolnuevo-Murcia-Spain-00143

Erosiones de Bolnuevo-Murcia-Spain-00128

Erosiones de Bolnuevo-Murcia-Spain-00127

Erosiones de Bolnuevo-Murcia-Spain-00126

Erosiones de Bolnuevo-Murcia-Spain-00129

Erosiones de Bolnuevo-Murcia-Spain-00130

Erosiones de Bolnuevo-Murcia-Spain-00136

Erosiones de Bolnuevo-Murcia-Spain-00134

Erosiones de Bolnuevo-Murcia-Spain-00133

Erosiones de Bolnuevo-Murcia-Spain-00132

Erosiones de Bolnuevo-Murcia-Spain-00131

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One thought on “Erosiones de Bolnuevo, Bolnuevo – Spain

  1. Hi there, just wanted to let you know that we had a great holiday at Marina de Bolnuevo in June of this year. We flew into San Javier and hired a car from the airport for the short drive to Bolnuevo. The beaches are fantastic, most of them awarded the Blue Flag. The cafes were great, with paella on the beach a delight and managed a trip to the nudist beach there. Very liberating. We also visited the Big Guns, The Roman Mines and the Sand sculptures. Will be returning there again next year. Thanks for reading Tony.

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