Year summary 2017, a big thank you to our visitors!

My wife started this photo blog in middle of January 2017 and I didn’t get much involved the first months because of different reasons. In the beginning the blog had a steady but low view count until we agreed to breath more life into it and decided that we needed to publish a post at least once a week to keep new stuff coming and don’t lose momentum, but also build a solid stock of content faster. I made a few pages, not posts (later converted to posts), and then we started to publish posts on weekly basis. The view count doubled for a few months before it took a dive down and came back up again.

Along the way it has been interesting to follow the stats and see where our viewers come from. At first we had a lot from Canada, but could not challenge USA after they got the momentum up and raced to the lead and stayed there. Another interesting observation is that we hardly get visitors from our neighbor countries, while on the other hand have visitors from relatively small countries like Albania, Nepal, Singapore, Kuwait, Hong Kong and the tiny island of Réunion. It’s not that we feel ungrateful for the visits from those smaller countries, thank you all, but why are our blog of hardly no interest for the people of Finland, Sweden and Denmark?

For this first year we had no expectations for how the stats would turn out, but with the 2017 in mind I would like to double our blogs visitors and views for 2018, it would be great too if we could double the countries visitors come from, but realize that could be a bit optimistic. Now, we don’t advertise our blog much at all on social media with the goal of generating traffic; we don’t even have friends and extended family to visit our blog if they don’t like to. We believe in high quality content will “sell itself” and thereby give us visitors and views. Maybe it’s an old fashion way, but we rather have visitors that are there for the content than a like for a like and I follow you, you follow me kind of one big happy WordPress family. Don’t get me wrong, nothing wrong with likes and followers, but we would much more enjoy returning visitors and search engine hits that are visiting for the content.

Another thing we wish for in 2018 is more comments, or even better, questions! I think that would be the ultimate proof that those who visit our posts like the content and would like to know more!


Travel safe in the year to come, and happy photography!


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