Nikon Capture NX-D returns with “U-Point” technology

The “U-Point” technology was invented by Nik Software and via collaboration with Nikon, the technology was implemented in what at the time was called Nikon Capture NX and later NX2. Nik Software was then acquired by Google in 2012 and further by DXO in 2017. That meant the end of NX2 and brought the birth of NX-D without the U-point technology, until now. If it is the actual U-Point technology that is back, I can not confirm, but it looks and feels like the old one.

I wouldn’t normally write about software, but this is too big to be ignored. Even though a lot of people love to hate all Nikon software, I’ve used Capture and View in different versions in more than a decade without any serious problems. In fact they don’t crash more than other software, and I love the way they make the NEF-files look right out of the box because they can read all embedded information correctly.

Here we have a photo of a boat outside Salvador Dalí’s birthplace without any edits.


And here with the Color Control Point added with some minor adjustments.


As we can see, one can make adjustments on Hue, Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, Red, Green, Blue and Warmth. You may duplicate or add several CCP on same photo, and even add CCP to block changes done by a nearby CCP.

If you want to learn more about this new feature, there is a lot to find online, either in websites or videos as this is “old technology”. Do a search for “U-Point technology” or “Nik Color Control Points”, and you will find tutorials, videos and more. It works similar in their plug-ins as in the new Capture NX-D version 1.5.0.

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