Picos de Europa, Spain – Part I

The Peaks of Europe are a mountain range in Spain, situated at the junction between Asturias, Cantabria and Castile and León, and are part of the larger Cantabrian Range stretching along northern part of the country from the Pyrenees in the east. If you happens to like mountainous landscape, you will be in heaven. Deep v-shaped valleys and steep mountainsides compete with each other for you attention. In between houses and villages appear, some abandoned many years or even centuries ago, in the most unexpected places.  Where there are some green patches you will see cows and sheep grassing, and if you look closer, you will see some goats in the steeper parts.

Picos de Europa-Spain-0124

Picos de Europa-Spain-0124_02

Picos de Europa-Spain-0124_03

Picos de Europa-Spain-0124_04

Picos de Europa-Spain-0124_05

Picos de Europa-Spain-0124_06

Picos de Europa-Spain-0124_07

Picos de Europa-Spain-0125

Picos de Europa-Spain-0126

Picos de Europa-Spain-0127

Picos de Europa-Spain-0128

Picos de Europa-Spain-0129

Picos de Europa-Spain-0130

Picos de Europa-Spain-0131

Picos de Europa-Spain-0132

Picos de Europa-Spain-0133

Picos de Europa-Spain-0133_01

Picos de Europa-Spain-0134

Picos de Europa-Spain-0135

Picos de Europa-Spain-0136

Picos de Europa-Spain-0137

Picos de Europa-Spain-0138

Picos de Europa-Spain-0139

Picos de Europa-Spain-0140

Picos de Europa-Spain-0141

Picos de Europa-Spain-0142

Picos de Europa-Spain-0142_01

Picos de Europa-Spain-0143

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