2018 summary and huge growth

Another year has gone by and our blog has had more growth than we imagined. A year ago, we wished that we could double the views and visitors and also increase comments, and we actually managed to almost quadruple views, visitors and comments. The only thing that has gone down is likes, but that was expected as we have much less visitors from WordPress or people that has a Gravatar that can give likes. I think this growth is satisfying as we still have almost no “advertisements” of our blog on other social media, means more than 80% of our visitors comes via search engines.

We also see some changes in the most visited countries since last year, USA is still at the top, but Norway and UK have switched places. Further we see several countries has left top ten and other countries has entered the list. Quite interesting to see that relatively small countries like the Netherlands, Romania and Italy has been able to push more populated countries out.

For 2019 we will do a couple of changes. One is that the blog will not have regular weekly updates any more, it will be when we feel like adding something interesting and worthy to publish. The other thing is that we will add another section about book recommendations. Notice, this will not be reviews, but short recommendations of books that we think is amazing, that really “speaks” to us in a deeper level. It will be mostly self-improvement and leadership books, as we as humans has so much more to learn at a “human” level that we are never taught at school. Believe this will be a interesting addition to our blog.

In the end we would like to thank all our visitors from all over the world and hope to see you and many more in the year to come. I would not like to come with another wish for the blog other than that we continue to grow in a steady pace, like doubling again?



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