New version of Reikan Focal is out (2.9.6)

After lots of beta testing, Reikan Focal version 2.9.6 is out with new looks and increased performance. Focal is a Camera Calibrator and Analysis Software for Nikon and Canon cameras.

Copied from the press release:

A Whole New Architecture

FoCal 1.0 was released over 7 years ago, FoCal 2.9 updates almost all of the internal code! The result is faster operation, more compatibility, quicker releases, improved reliability, and really exciting potential for the future!


New Look

FoCal 2.9 has a cleaner look, with more information available where you need it. Fewer windows, camera & lens information available on connection, and new light and dark themes for both Mac and Windows.

Easier to use

Context Help means you can get the help you need easily – clicking the links or hit the “?” key to jump to detailed online help.

The changes to the look and feel of FoCal make more information available where you’d expect it, and more consistency with the information shown.


Camera Control Improvements

Control of Canon cameras has been completely redesigned offering more features and faster support of new models. Nikon control and reliability has been greatly improved for better repeatability, compatibility and reliability.

Nikon Z-series Support

FoCal 2.9 works with the Nikon Z6 and Z7 cameras. Not only can you calibrate the autofocus (yes – on a mirrorless camera!), but also check autofocus consistency, aperture sharpness and sensor dust.


Speedy Tests

FoCal gets more done at once with Overlapped Capture and Analysis. Aperture Sharpness, Focus Consistency and Dust Analysis tests run much quicker, and raw analysis speed is hugely improved.

Lens Identification

Identifying the lens on your camera should be easy… but it isn’t! We’ve completely reworked our Lens ID system to far more accurately match lenses, meaning more reliable recognition and more accurate FoCal Comparison information.

You can even report an incorrectly identified lens at the click of a link so we can fix any issues that arise.


Improved History and Comparison Data

Pulling up historical tests now provides complete information including image crops so you can fully review data or re-save reports.

Improved data and generation of the FoCal Comparison Database means better comparison of your kit with typical performance.

Updated Updates!

FoCal 2.9 went through an extensive pre-release phase with Alpha and Beta builds. The built in Update Check feature lets you choose whether you want to hear about only Stable releases or join in with the shiny new cutting edge feature releases.


Bugs Squashed!

We’ve fixed a LOT of issues! Nearly 3,000 code updates since FoCal 2.6 mean improved reliability and the fixing of some annoying issues.

Backdated Support

It’s taken longer than we hoped to bring you FoCal 2.9, so this release is available to all users who purchased FoCal on or after 1st October 2017 with no need to purchase an “included update”.


Thank You!

We want to reiterate our thanks to all the Alpha and Beta testers – your feedback has helped make this the most reliable, accurate, fastest and best FoCal yet!

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