Book recommendation: Principle-Centered Leadership by Stephen R. Covey

How do you make decisions during an average day in your life, being it at work, home or on holiday? Most times I guess you don’t even think about how and why you make your decisions, but now and then a situation appear that are more delicate to handle than others.

Principle-Centered Leadership

Don’t be mislead by the word “leadership” and think that it only applies to top-management in huge companies, you need and practice leadership every day from you get out of bed in the morning. Using a set of principles as a guidance for your decision-making will help you a long way to avoid awkward moments when you may let your feelings make the decisions for you. Would you treat an observation of a drunk driver the same way if it was a complete stranger or a close friend? With Principle-Centered Leadership to guide you, you will know that you always are doing the right thing, because its the right thing to do.

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