About us

I live in Snillfjord, Norway and love Heavy Metal/Hard Rock/Gothic music, Fantasy Art and dark things.


About the website

This is a “Portfolio-Blog”, in other words, a photo-gallery with a little extra. Here we will share with you the photography we have been doing since the beginning of the millennia. This blog is not meant to be a comprehensive tourist guide, although we give some recommendations and suggestions along the way, but a place where we share things that we think are cool.

About our photography:

We use Nikon cameras 99% of the time.
We are go-with-our-hearts kind of people when it comes to taking pictures. It’s a hobby, it’s an art, and it’s intuitive and personal. We don’t care about trends. We don’t follow the beaten tracks or go to the most hyped tourist attractions. It’s not that we avoid them, but they are normally not our first choices. If it looks good and we like it, we’ll post it here, if its Copacabana Beach or a frozen flower in our back yard.