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grbadgeaddA dark Art Book with 140+ black & white photographs!

City of bats, dragons and gods. City of artistic daring over the centuries of history.

This is Valencia, a Spanish realm where all fantasies, be they innocent, adventurous or obscure, take shape on canvas, wood, metal or stone. Wherever you go a thousand archetypal faces and winged heraldic chimeras will follow you.

You will have a fully illustrated bookish tour through Medieval towers, Gothic temples, strange artistic wonderlands and the city of the dead.

Embark on a visual trip of black and white photography through the dark side of architecture, sculpture and painting. Whether you are going to visit this Spanish city or are looking for some Art entertainment, this book may be for you.


valencia-noir-ebook-cover-webTitle: Valencia Noir – The Beautiful, The Fantastic and The Grotesque of Valencia, Spain

Authors/Photographers: Isis Sousa & Ove Neshaug

Editor: Clare Diston

Art/Photo book: 140+ photographs + text


Genre: Valencia Noir is an Art Book, Photo book, and Travel book. It focuses on the dark and fantastic aspects of Valencian arts: Painting, Sculpture, Architecture.
Parental guidance: for 16+ | Contains dark themes and some images considered obscene or psychologically disturbing.

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