New player in town, Xencelabs

If you have used a pen tablet, you have probably heard of Wacom or even used some of their products. Xencelabs on the other hand is much more unknown and younger company started by former Wacom employees. Some time ago I was so lucky to try their Medium Bundle and the experience was very positive. To be Xencelabs first pen tablet, it doesn’t stand anything behind Wacom Intuos Pro. In fact my better half, a long time Intuos Pro user, said the Xencelabs tablet was even better in use for her light handed drawings. One ting to notice compared to the Intous, is that Xencelabs has the key pad beside the tablet, and not integrated. This makes it easier to position according to your preferences and it also holds more options than the Intuos. Connectivity is either with a cable, or remotely via Blue Tooth dongle. All in all, I was very impressed with Xencelabs fist pen tablet Bundle. The biggest drawback for me was the size of the medium tablet, I really prefer the smaller tablet as it will give much less hand movement. But reliable rumors say that Xencelabs is not only working with a Pen Display but also on a smaller Pen Tablet. I see a bright future for Xenselabs, and Wacom needs to make sure they are not falling behind.

A comparison between Wacom Intuos Pro Medium (previous generation), Wacom Intuos Pro Small (previous generation), Wacom Intuos Pro Small (current generation) and the Xencelabs Medium Pen Tablet Bundle.
Xencelabs Medium and Wacom Intuos Pro Medium
The complete Xencelabs Pen Tablet bundle
Old Intuos Pro Pen, Newest Intuos Pro Pen and the two Xencelabs pens
Same order as above, Xencelabs doesn’t provide stand for their pens.

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